f g i & 5 GLOSSARY - Assembly Park, Delavan, Wisconsin
APYC: Assembly Park Yacht Club, more information look under History of Assembly Park - 2000's

Brat: a sausage; a Wisconsin tailgate favorite; doesn't have anything to do with a spoiled kid (and not pronounced as such).
Big Park: D largest Park in Assembly Park D Gazebo is located in this Park. Well know for a place to meet after D bars close
By: to go to or near; as in "Let's go by there," it has nothing to do with a purchase.
The "Barker": D Assembly Bark, or "the Barker" was a bi-weekly newsletter published back in 1990. The Assembly Bark only had two issues.
Cheesehead: someone from Wisconsin.
Cow Tipping: a Wisconsin sport played very late at night. (see Mike Fielder for more information)
Cripes: a Wisconsin expletive.
Cripes-sake: a mild Wisconsin expletive.
D: a substitute for words beginning with "TH;" as in "Dat guy over dere in dah Bears shirt is a FIB."
Flip Flops: a form of summer sandals warn by renters

Gazebo: located in D "Big Park" and a well known place to meet after D bars close.
Gail Reece: former Superintendent of D Park for a great number of years. (Click to see video of Gail at work)
Geeez!: Another Wisconsin expletive.

placed at D beginning or end of phrases for emphasis, as in "Hey, how 'bout them Fireworks?" or "How 'bout them Fireworks, hey?"

Lunden's: a local bar. This was D former name also known as "Inn Between" it is later was named "Nugent’s"

"MOON JUMP": spectacular snow mobile sky jump performed at midnight in Eagle River WI many moons ago. Very few people witnessed this daring feat but it has been done once (by a former ASSEMBLY PARK daredevil).

Oh, yah
: depending on emphasis, it's either used as acknowledgment (as "That's correct") or skepticism (That's bull!).
Orangie: an orange life jacket - it can be any color or any kind of water floating device. Often worn by renters.
Otis "T" Driftwood: a person - who drifts from tavern to tavern every weekend on Lake Delavan's North Shore.
Owner: a person - one that owns a cottage, often spotted not wearing shoes and would never be seen with and orangie.

Parker's Barn: a location outside of D Park, one could call this Lake Lawn Lodge South D furnishings are very similar.
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Gail Reece

Taint: a person - not an owner and not a renter
"Time" machine: it's TYME in Wisconsin, but an ATM to much of D rest of D country; where to go to get money.

Red Store: proper name was "Gene and Wally's" D store was painted red and is currently closed and was called "Ma and Me"
Renter: a person - one that rents a cottage often seen wearing shoes and a orangie.
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White Store: proper name was "My Brothers Place", a store that was located in D park that was Assembly Park's answer to Seven-Eleven - this store was torn down - See photo above. (Click to see Video)
Yah-hey: affirmative; as in "uff-dah."
You-betcha: affirmative; as in "Yah-hey."
Zeedler Hotel: Winter retreat of many, some how "Shady Oaks" would transform its' self into this famous hotel, all courtesy of Kay and Ray in D 1980's - water was imported, yes from D firehouse (you would expect nothing but D best at D Zeedler Assembly Park's only four star hotel)