f g i & 5 EVENTS in Assembly Park, Delavan, Wisconsin

-☛ Calendar - Calendar of Events in the Park

-☛ Arbor Day - Held in September - the 3rd Saturday of the month

-☛ Dances - Children's Dances held on summer Friday evenings - see calendar for dates

-☛ Breakfast - Pancake Breakfast - Labor Day Weekend/p>

-☛ Dinner - Spaghetti Dinner - Memorial Day Weekend

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Held for over 60 years. Lots of fun, food, games and rides for all ages. Held Saturday, in September.
Basically a party in the park for the park. Held on 3rd Saturday in September.
Cash Raffle, One legged race, Water ballon toss, Cake Walk, Music / dancing, Games for all ages, Pop, Beer and brats or beefs.

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This section of the webpage is dedicated to
Eileen Watts who ran the dance for many years!

  • Friday night dances run, from late June to early August. Fun for all ages.
  • This tradition started back in the early 1950's. In 2014, the night of "The Dance" was changed from Thursday to Friday, allow more kids and adults to enjoy this tradition.
  • "You put your right foot in You put your right foot out You put your right foot in And you shake it all about..."
  • Some of the song played
  • The Hokey Pokey,
  • Church Bells,
  • King Tut,
  • Mexican Hat Dance,
  • Y.M.C.A.,
  • The Chicken Dance and many more.
  • What is your favorite?

Held on Labor Day weekend and sponsored by The Assembly Park Ladies Auxiliary.

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Spaghetti DINNER

Held on Memorial Day weekend and sponsored by The Assembly Park Ladies Auxiliary.

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