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-☛ Caretaker - Rob Mohr

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  • Michael Connolly

Vice President:
  • Henry Raczkiewicz
  • John Neville

  • Bill Winters

  • Kay Morris
  • James Porter
  • Jay DuBois
Budget, Finance & Insurance:
  • Bill Winters (Chair)
  • Henry Raczkiewicz
Lease Transfers & Real Estate:
  • John Neville (Chair)
  • Bill Winters
  • John Neville (Chair)
  • Michael Connolly
Building & Construction:
  • John Neville (Chair)
  • Michael Connolly
Rules & By-Laws:
  • James Potter (Chair)
  • Kay Morris
Piers & Waterfronts:
  • Michael Connolly (Chair)
  • Kay Morris
Grounds, Parks, Playgrounds & Beaches:
  • James Potter (Chair)
  • Kay Morris
  • Jay DuBois
Architectural Review Committee:
  • Jay DuBois (Chair)
  • James Potter
  • Steve Schmidt
  • Dianne Trausch
  • Rob Mohr

Sub-Committee - Beautification Committee:
  • Tom Fiedler (Chair)
  • Michael Connolly
Energy Conservation Committee:
  • Dan Wats (Chair)
  • Mary Pat O’Connor
  • Bob Fritsch
Caretakers Supervision:
  • Henry Raczkiewicz (Chair)
  • Bill Winters
  • Michael Connolly
Gazebo Memorial Bricks:
  • Jay DuBois
  • Debbie DuBois


Ladies Auxiliary BOARD
  • Joan Pearson

Vice President:

  • Jean Ehmen
  • Deb DuBois

  • Claire Batherson

Support the park and purchase some of the items the Ladies Auxiliary has for sale.

The Ladies Auxiliary makes significant contributions to Assembly Park and if the Ladies Auxiliary ceases, these contributions will no longer continue. *

The Ladies Auxiliary financial contributions have included;
·*Allocating $6000 for Arbor Day deposits*
·*Purchasing new street signs*
·*Pays for Internet at the Hall*
·*Pays for Kiddie Dance Director*
·*Bought the yellow slide for the beach*
·*Bought the Assembly Park entrance signs *
·*Has paid for Park flowers *
·*Makes an annual donation to Delavan Fire & Rescue *
·*Has given Rob monetary Christmas gifts *
·*Landscaping at the Gazebo *
·*Replaced Wisconsin State flags for lakefront*
·*Agreed to purchase an Assembly Park flag for lakefront *
·*Bought tables and chairs for the Hall*
·*Seal coating of the basketball court *
·*Bought shatterproof Basketball backboards*
·*Rents the Dunk Tank for our children to enjoy*

·*Ladies Auxiliary annual brunch *
·*Honorarium for the Delavan Historical Society speaker *
·*Contributed to the AED (Automated External Defibrillator) purchase*
·*Replaced Wisconsin State flags for lakefront*
·*Agreed to purchase an Assembly Park flag for lakefront *
·*Bought tables and chairs for the Hall*
·*Seal coating of the basketball court *
·*Bought shatterproof Basketball backboards*
·*Rents the Dunk Tank for our children to enjoy*
·*Renovation of the baseball field *
·*Water seal products for park benches *
·*Ladies Auxiliary annual brunch *
·*Honorarium for the Delavan Historical Society speaker *
·*Contributed to the AED (Automated External Defibrillator) purchase*
·*Renovation of the baseball field *
·*Water seal products for park benches *
·*Web Cams provide the funding for the cams - allow you to see the park from anywhere *

Rob Mohr
1607 Pottawatomi Drive
Delavan, WI 53115
(262) 728-5766

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Delavan Lake Assembly
1607 POTTAWATOMI DR. Delavan, WI. 53115
"Wisconsin's Great Summer Paradise"



1. Maintenance Fees. Leaseholder shall pay the annual tax levied by the DLA for maintenance of the entire park and for the recreational, police, sewage, garbage collection, and other services rendered by the DLA, to the Secretary. The assessment shall be effective on May 1 and payable on July 31 of each year or such other dates as the Board may from time to time prescribe. Delinquent DLA maintenance fees shall be assessed a penalty of 24% interest per annum and a lien may be placed against the property.

2. Property Taxes. Leaseholder shall also pay the property tax assessed by Walworth County. In case of default leading to tax foreclosure sale, requisite steps including redemption of the taxes may be taken by the DLA to protect the interests of all its Leaseholders.

3. Tree Removal. No trees with at least a four-inch diameter (as measured four feet above the ground) shall be cut down on any leaseholder’s lot or in the common area without the approval of the DLA Board of Directors.

4. Property Maintenance. Grounds and premises of dwellings shall be kept in acceptable condition. This includes providing sufficient garbage receptacles properly placed and used, raking of leaves, cutting of lawns, removal of dead or diseased trees, and keeping structures and dwellings painted and in repair. If it becomes necessary, the DLA will arrange to have the work done at the expense of the leaseholder

5. Residential Occupancy. No more than one single-family dwelling may be constructed on any Lot. No Dwelling may be divided into more than one residential dwelling and no more than one family shall reside within any dwelling.

Occupancy Restrictions. The number of permanent occupants for any dwelling shall not exceed two per bedroom in said dwelling.

7. Orderly Behavior. Orderly conduct shall be maintained, and rowdy behavior is prohibited. Nothing offensive to public morals is permitted anywhere in DLA.

8. Noise Abatement. Radios, televisions, stereo equipment or musical instruments shall not be operated or played so as to disturb other residents at any time. If such equipment is used on porches, near open windows or outside dwellings or premises, volume shall be well controlled.

9. Noise After Midnight. Boisterous talk, yelling, etc. radios, televisions, stereo equipment or musical instruments that could disturb neighboring residents, are prohibited after 12:00 pm.

10. Sleeping in Non-Residence Structures. Sleeping in cars, campers, vans, trailers, tents, etc. or on cots or in sleeping bags outside of dwellings or structures is prohibited.

11. Operation of Vehicles. Motorized, non-licensed wheeled vehicles are permitted on the roads and streets of DLA from the day after Labor Day and ending the following June 30th during the hours of 8:00 am to 8:00 pm. All vehicles are prohibited from operating in any area in DLA other than on the streets and roads. All vehicles powered by a combustion engine shall have a quiet exhaust system. All vehicles shall be operated within posted speed limits, and shall observe all warning, stop and other posted signs. Pedestrians shall have the right of way always. No motorized, non-licensed, wheeled vehicles may operate, on the roads and streets of DLA from 1:00 A.M. until sunrise.

12. Parking Restrictions. All vehicles shall be parked only on private property, entirely clear of roads and streets, except, on Assembly Lane. Only minor repairs on vehicles will be allowed in DLA. Such repairs shall be made with a minimum of noise.

13. Fireworks Prohibition. No person shall sell, offer for sale, have in his possession, ignite or discharge fireworks of any kind in or on any lot or lots or common area of the DLA Grounds. Open (uncovered) pit fires are strictly forbidden. The Board of Directors shall prescribe from time to time an assessment to be imposed for any violation hereof.

14. Dog Restrictions. Dogs shall be kept on a leash not to exceed 8 feet in length and shall not be a nuisance on property of others. Dogs are prohibited in the parks. Excessive barking is prohibited. Only leaseholder and tenants who are renting for four weeks or more can have no more than two (2) dogs in the DLA.

15. Sport Restrictions. Playing on DLA roads and streets is prohibited. Ample space and apparatus is provided in all the parks. Playing ball is prohibited everywhere in the DLA except in the large field in the Central Park which is available for soft ball only. Playing hardball or golf practice is prohibited in the DLA.

Alcoholic Beverages. Picnic lunches and drinking in DLA parks and at the beach is prohibited. No alcoholic beverages shall be kept, stored, and consumed on any common areas, except at social functions sponsor by the DLA or under permits issued by the DLA.

17. Family Use. Clubs, societies, fraternities, sororities, graduation classes or other groups shall not occupy dwellings. DLA IS A FAMILY PARK.

Tenant and Guests. All the above rules and regulations relating to conduct in DLA apply equally to tenants and leaseholder and their families and guests. Leaseholder and rental agents have the responsibility to enforce the rules and regulations.

19. Residential Use. The lots shall be restricted to residential use. Limited commercial use of a lot may be approved by the Board of Directors, subject to payment of a reasonable concession fee. No business shall be conducted in the DLA except by permit issued by the Board of Directors. No signs shall be displayed without such approval except “Rental” or “For Sale” signs no larger than specified in County Zoning Ordinance.

20. Use of Common Area. The common elements shall be used only for the purposes for which they are reasonably suited and which are incidental to the use and occupancy of housing units.

21. Nuisances. No nuisances shall be allowed on the property nor shall any use or practice be allowed which is a source of annoyance to its residents or which interferes with the peaceful possession or proper use of the property by its residents.

22. Compliance with Local Laws. No unlawful use shall be made of the Property or any part thereof and there shall be compliance with all valid local, State and Federal laws, zoning ordinances, building codes and regulations of all governmental bodies having jurisdiction thereof. Such compliance shall be accomplished at the sole expense of the leaseholders or the Board of Directors, whichever have the obligation to maintain or repair such portion of the Property.

23. Refuse. Trash, garbage or other wastes shall be kept in secure, sanitary containers. The Board of Directors may assess fines, for non-secure and scattered garbage.

24. Temporary Living Quarters. No trailer, tent, shack, or living quarters of a temporary character, shall be permitted on any part of the Property at any time.

25. Parking of Commercial Vehicles. No large trucks, buses or house trailers, shall be parked on the Property (other than inside garages) for purposes other than in the normal course of construction or for services rendered to a leased lot or housing unit.

Pet Restrictions. No animals, livestock, or poultry of any kind shall be raised, bred or kept on the Property, except that each housing unit may keep up to two (2) dogs, two (2) cats or other small household pets (such as canaries or parakeets) provided that they are not kept, bred, or maintained for any commercial purposes. No pet shall be permitted which causes an unreasonable disturbance. Any pet excrement in common elements shall be removed immediately by the leaseholder or renter of the housing unit in which the pet resides.


Definition of Terms,

a. Immediate Family is defined as mothers, fathers, daughters, sons, grandchildren and spouses.

28. Eligibility for a Pier Site Assignment

a. Any Leaseholder who, together with their immediate family, owns a majority interest in a housing unit in Assembly Park is eligible for one pier site assignment no matter how many housing units they own, subject to pier site availability.

29. Application for Pier Site Assignment

a. All piers are limited common area for the exclusive use of the leaseholder(s) to whom the pier has been assigned and located under permit of DLA. No person shall trespass, use or dock at a pier without the leaseholder’s express permission.

b. Any eligible Leaseholder requesting a pier assignment or a relocation of a pier site assignment must fill out the proper application form and submit the form with a check for $25.00 to the Board of Directors.

c. Pier Site Applications dated after September 1, 1997 are for half sites only.

30. Posting

a. A listing of pier site assignments and waiting list will be maintained by the pier committee chairman and posted on the bulletin board outside the caretaker’s office.

31. Pier Site Assignments

a. Pier site assignments will be made from the current waiting list.
b. Pier committee chairman shall notify eligible applicants personally, by phone or mail, in the order of application dates until the site is totally assigned. The applicant must accept or reject within two weeks of notification.

32. Transfer of Pier Site Assignment

a. When a pier site assignee sells all or a majority interest of their housing unit to a member(s) of their immediate family, their pier site assignment will be retained, providing eligibility requirements in Article II are met. The assignee must notify the pier committee chairman, in writing, of any such transfer in addition to filing a lease transfer form with the Board of Directors.
a. When any assignee transfers from one housing unit to another within the park, the pier site assignment will also transfer.

33. Rental of Piers

a. A pier site assignee may rent or permit use of a portion of their pier site only to an eligible Leaseholder (non-Leaseholders are not permitted). The assignee must notify the pier chairman in writing of any such arrangements and receive prior written approvals.
b. A pier site assignee may permit a guest of their housing unit to use their pier for a period not to exceed two weeks per year upon written notification and approval of the pier committee chairman.
c. Assignee may allow members of their immediate family unlimited use of their pier.

34. Pier Site Assignment Revocation

A pier site assignment may be revoked by a majority vote of the Board of Directors for any of the following reasons:

a. The pier site assignee, in the sole opinion of the Board of Directors, fails to meet the eligibility requirements stated in Article II.
b. The pier site assignee does not comply with the pier committee chairman’s written notice of a violation by the date stated in the notification.
c. Failure of the pier site assignee to pay the assessment in full within sixty days of the due date.
d. When a pier site is revoked, the leaseholder of the pier may sell the pier to the new assignee or remove it and dispose of it at the leaseholder’s expense within thirty days after notification.
e. When a half pier site is involved, the leaseholder of a half pier must sell the portion owned at a reasonable price to the new assignee.

35. Pier Construction

a. All new, rebuilt piers, or piers on new site assignments will be no wider than four (4) feet including outside posts. No T’s, L’s, or slips are permitted. A detailed drawing of the pier must be submitted to the pier committee for approval prior to installation.
b. The pier committee will indicate where the pier is to be installed on the site.
c. The distance between piers must be the same at the shore and the water end where feasible and subject to the approval of the pier committee.
d. New piers must be placed on sites within one year from the date of assignment or the assignment will be forfeited.

36. Pier Maintenance

a. All piers must be numbered in a location readily visible from the shore and lake side.
b. All piers, lifts, and sites must be maintained in a clean and aesthetically appealing condition.
c. No tires are permitted on piers.
d. No lifts or boats are to be placed on the lake end of piers.
e. Piers must be set in place prior to July 1 of each year and remain there until Labor Day.
f. Piers may be stored on Park Property from Labor Day until Memorial Day. The storage must be within twenty feet of the shoreline and within the assigned site. Lifts and boats cannot be stored on the Park property. The pier leaseholder(s) will be responsible to restore the ground and lawn to an acceptable condition. g. Pier site assignees must not use more water space between piers by moving pier or setting a wider boat or lift at the pier, which would encroach on neighboring piers use.
h. The Board of Directors may establish procedures for the rental of pier sites to leaseholders along Delavan Lake and may rent the pier sites to leaseholders in accordance with such procedures. Furthermore, the Board may establish procedures for insuring that all pier sites be maintained in a safe and esthetically manner. If any pier site is allowed to deteriorate into an unsafe state or in an unkempt manner the Board of directors may impose the appropriate sanctions of the leaseholder to whom the site has been assigned including but not limited to the forfeiture thereof.

37. Responsibility of Assignee.

a. Each assignee assumes absolute liability for their pier, attachments, site improvements, boats, and lifts.
b. Assignees must notify the Board of Directors of any change of address, phone number, e-mail addresses or use of pier as these changes take place.
c. By accepting a pier site assignment, the assignee(s) agree to abide by these rules and regulations.

38. Enforcement of Pier Rules.

a. The Board of Directors may assess fines and/or revoke pier site assignments for violations of any pier rules or regulations.
b. Pier site assignees may appeal any fine or revocation by requesting, in writing, a grievance hearing. Upon receipt of such request, the Board President will select a three-member committee and set a time and date for the hearing. Members of the pier committee will not be included on the grievance committee.



39. Prohibited Conduct.

a. No boats or any other water vehicle or water skiers are permitted shoreward of the swimming area buoy markers.
b. No fishing from the swimming piers.
c. No running or horseplay on the piers.
d. No glass containers.
e. No food or beverages.
f. No lawn furniture or strollers.

40. Assumption of Risk. There is no lifeguard on duty and each of the leaseholders acknowledges that they, their agents, invitees and guests shall swim and dive at that their own risk.


41. Approval of Construction. Construction reconstruction or remodeling of any structure or dwelling requires, first, approval from the Building & Construction Committee, second, a positive recommendation, from the Architectural Review Committee, third, approval of the DLA Board of Directors, fourth, proof of the Contractors insurance coverage (including Workers Compensation coverage) and fifth, the issuance of a Building & Zoning permit, from Walworth County and compliance with any applicable Town of Delavan building ordinances.

42. No Construction Period. No construction, reconstruction, remodeling or repairs of structures or dwellings shall be allowed starting July 1st through Labor Day, except that minor repairs to piers will be allowed only between 8:00 am and 8:00 pm.

43. Approval of Board. Each Leaseholder must obtain Board of Directors approval if he would like to:

a. Construct any building or construct any addition to any building (including any deck, regardless of height) on your leased property.
b. Place any pre-constructed building on your leased property.
c. Construct any driveway, parking area or patio on your leased property.
d. Change the surface of any driveway, parking area or patio on your leased property.
e. Do any landscaping that would result in where the water enters or leaves your leased property.

44. Documents Required. To obtain the approval the Leaseholder must submit a written explanation of just what he would like to do together with plans and a plat survey to the Board of Directors. The approval can sometimes be given at the time it is submitted, or in some instances, it may take longer. Therefore, Leaseholders are encouraged to submit their request as soon as possible.

45. Permits Required. All Board approvals are subject to the Leaseholder obtaining all necessary approvals from the Town of Delavan and from Walworth County. No work is permitted to begin until all necessary approvals/permits are obtained.

46. Construction Moratorium. Any work receiving all the necessary approvals must be done from the day after Labor Day through the following June 30th. The work may only be done during the hours of 8:00 am through 8:00 pm. If the approved work is not completed within one year from the date of the approval from the Board of Directors, the Leaseholder must reapply for approval.

. Emergency Repairs. Emergency repairs can be made throughout the year without Board approval.

48. Fence Prohibition. Fences and enclosures are prohibited throughout Delavan Lake Assembly Park and all persons are expected to respect the property of others and avoid unreasonable trespassing.

49. Construction Refuse. All Leaseholders shall provide adequate rubbish containers or dumpsters to remove all construction materials and debris during the course of their construction. The facilities of Delavan Lake Assembly are not available for the removal of any debris resulting from construction, remodeling, repairs or alterations of Leaseholder grounds.

50. Building Regulation Enforcement. The Board of Directors may assess fines due to violations of these Building Rules and Regulations.

51. Fall or Winter Construction

a. Provide notice of request to build during fall or winter, no later than the September Board of Directors meeting. See Item #41.
b. Scaled drawing to be submitted to board with request of construction including distance from lot line based on survey.
c. Additions and or extensions to current structures, decks (attached or unattached to buildings), pier site remodeling or additions to pier site landings (covered in Rule #35), driveways whether they be asphalt, concrete or stone, large antennas whether for radios or televisions, dormers and sheds attached or unattached.
d. After permission is granted from the Board of Directors, all necessary permits will have to be acquired from the county.
e. It would be appreciated if the member appeared before the board in person as it would then allow all questions to be answered
f. Notification to adjoining neighbors will need to be given if zoning variance will be needed.
g. Permission must be received from neighbors to access property if necessary when drilling a well.

53. Time for Construction: Approvals will be valid for (1) one year or will have to be resubmitted after 1 year if construction has not started.

Architectural Review Process

a. Objectives. The objectives of the DLA are to carry out the general purposes expressed in this Article; to assure that any improvements or changes in the Park will be of good and attractive design and size and in harmony with the natural setting of the area, and will serve to preserve and enhance existing features of natural beauty of the Park; and to assure that materials and workmanship of all improvements are of high quality and comparable to other improvements in the area.
Committee. To achieve DLA’s objectives, a committee consisting of three (3) members, (1) DLA Chairman of Buildings (2) another member of the Board of Directors and (3) a leaseholder in good standing not on the Board of Directors. Members (2) and (3) shall be appointed by the President of the Board of Directors annually and (the Architectural Control Committee) is designated as agent with power to administer this Article with regard to approving or disapproving those matters which are expressed herein to be within the jurisdiction of DLA’s objectives. The Architectural Control Committee shall have full power to approve or disapprove individual building plans and to create such Architectural Design Guidelines as it may deem appropriate. Matters requiring approval of the Architectural Control Committee shall be submitted to it prior to construction and shall be subject to the Architectural Design Guidelines as set forth by the Architectural Control Committee.
Matters Requiring Approval. Prior written approval shall be obtained from the Architectural Control Committee with respect to all matters stated in this Article as requiring such approval. In addition thereto, no building, fence, wall or other structure shall be commenced, erected or maintained upon the property or any Lot therein, nor shall any exterior addition to, or change or alteration therein, be made to any Structure located on any Lot therein, nor shall any clearing of trees or changes of property grade be made nor shall landscaping be done on any Lot until the plans and specification for same, showing the nature, kind, shape, elevations, heights, materials and color, location and grade, proposed landscaping and design shall have been submitted to and approved in writing by the Architectural Control Committee.
Procedure. Whenever approval is required of the Architectural Control Committee, appropriate plans and specifications shall be submitted to it; the Architectural Control Committee shall either approve or disapprove such design and location and proposed construction and clearing activities within thirty (30) days after said plans and specifications have been submitted to it; except that, if such plans and specifications are disapproved in any respect, the applicant shall be notified wherein such plans and specifications are deficient. The Architectural Control Committee may withhold approval for any reason deemed by it to be appropriate, including aesthetic reasons, except that approval will not be withheld for capricious or unreasonable reasons. If such plans and specifications are not approved or disapproved within sixty (60) days after receipt by the Architectural Control Committee, approval will not be required and this Article will be deemed fully complied with. At the discretion of the Architectural Control Committee a reasonable filing fee, as established, shall accompany the submissions of such plans to defray expenses and the sixty (60) day period referred to above shall not commence until receipt by the Architectural Control Committee of such filing fee. A copy of each approved set of plans and specifications shall be kept on file by the Architectural Control Committee.
Deviations from Covenants and Restrictions. The Architectural Control Committee shall have the power to enter into agreements with the Leaseholder of any Lot, without the consent of the leaseholder of any other lot, or adjoining or adjacent property, to deviate from the provisions of the convents and restrictions within the discretion of said committee for reasons of practical difficulty or hardships which otherwise would be suffered by such Leaseholder. Any such deviation, which shall be manifested by written agreement, shall not constitute a waiver of any such covenant as to other Lots in the Park.



Definition of Golf Cart. A golf cart (Cart(s)) is a vehicle with four wheels originally designated for golf course use and powered by a battery or internal combustion engine. A four wheeled (club car type) utility vehicle, such as owned by DLA, is considered a golf cart to be governed by these regulations and by the DLA 10 MPH speed limit. All ATV’s (all-terrain vehicles) are not considered to be golf carts and use of such vehicles is not permitted in DLA.

55. Registration. All carts operating in DLA must be registered with the DLA Secretary and issued a unique number which must be affixed to both sides of the cart. A copy of the Leaseholder’s liability insurance policy and a signed DLA Hold Harmless Agreement must accompany each application. Limit of one Cart per Leaseholder. Effective 1/1/2018 short term, weekly renters may register a golf cart, for temporary use, in Assembly Park, after signing a Hold Harmless Agreement and paying a fee of $75.00.

. Driver’s License. Carts may be driven by DLA Leaseholders or their designees who have a valid driver’s license, unless otherwise approved by the DLA Board of Directors. Driving permits are not valid driver’s licenses. Licensed drivers under 25 years of age must have their driver’s license on their person when operating a Cart on the Delavan Lake Assembly roads and grounds.

. Assumption of Liability. Leaseholders must acknowledge annually, that they will assume all liability, and are fully responsible for the operation of their Cart on the streets and grounds of Delavan Lake Assembly. The Leaseholder also must acknowledge that the Delavan Lake Assembly Board of Directors and its caretaker, in providing this privilege, is in no way endorsing the operation of this Cart on the streets and grounds, and does not and will not assume any liability in the operation of the cart. Leaseholders also agree to indemnify and hold harmless the Delavan Lake Assembly Board of Directors and its Leaseholders for any and all liability arising from the use of this Cart by signing the DLA Hold Harmless Agreement (Form #7-1-09).

. Operation after Sunset. Carts may operate on the Delavan Lake Assembly roads and grounds between one half hour before sunrise to one half hour after sunset unless the Cart is equipped with two operating headlights (on the front of the Cart) and two operating tail lights (on the rear of the Cart), which are visible from five hundred (500) feet.

59. Compliance with Local Regulations. The operator of the Cart shall comply with all traffic rules and regulations adopted by the State of Wisconsin, the Town of Delavan, Wisconsin and the Board of Directors of DLA. Each golf cart operator is responsible for knowing & observing DLA, Golf Cart Rules & Regulations, which are posted on the Assembly Park web-site (assemblypark.com)

. Numbers. All Carts must have assigned numbers, displayed on each side of the cart, below the front seat.

61. Roads and Pathways. Whenever possible, Carts must drive on DLA roads or paved pathways. Carts may drive on the DLA grounds when driving to a boat pier or to the beach, but driving on grassy areas must be kept to a minimum. Carts may use the beach roadway, giving right of way to pedestrians and must park off of the roadway or sidewalks when arriving at their destination (beach or boat pier).

. Number of Riders. The number of occupants is limited to the number of seats which the Cart manufacturer has designed. Riders must remain seated. No riding on backs, fronts, standing or hanging off sides of the vehicle is permitted. A violation of this regulation may result in loss of Cart use privilege and any other sanction imposed by DLA.

. Alcoholic Beverages and Drugs. Any person operating a Golf Cart in Delavan Lake Assembly grounds must comply with all State of Wisconsin, Town of Delavan and any other applicable laws, dealing with the possession and use of alcoholic beverages, and all illegal drugs.

. Parking. Golf Carts must be parked on the Leaseholders property.

. Enforcement. Enforcement of the Delavan Lake Assembly Golf Cart Rules and Regulations shall be the responsibility of the DLA Caretaker, the DLA Board of Directors and all Leaseholders. An assessment (fine) may be issued for any Cart operator violating any DLA Golf Cart Rules and Regulations, and such assessments will be levied against the Leaseholder to whom the violating Golf Cart is registered. Enforcement of these assessments will be in accordance with the DLA Rules.

66. Hours of Operation:
No golf cart shall be operated after 1:00 A.M. nor before sunrise.

Rev 9/12/17

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