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-☛ Gone but Not Forgotten - Page dedicated to members of the park who have passed away.

-☛ Memories - Various memory others have shared about their days in da Park.

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Tara Katherine Bassi
Jerry Bransfield
Joe Cernok
Joey Cernok
Mary Therese Cernok
John Chupka
Jerry Connolly
Joan Doyle
Mike Doyle
Catherine Fielder
Raymond Fielder
Diane Gillooley
Hugh E. Gorman
George M. Hilger
Sarah Kelly
Beth Kurtz
Charlie Lavin
Johanna Lavin
John F. McErlean
Margaret E. McErlean
Larry McGinnis
Ralph McGinnis
Ruth McGinnis
Skip McGinnis
Catherine McKevitt
James McKevitt
Jim McPartlin
Lorraine McPartlin
Art "Jim" Morgan
Joan Morgan
Donald Nangle
Rosemary O'Connell Nangle
Bud O'Brien
Tim O’Connor
Norine Flynn Osting
Patty Peterson
Gwenn Purcell
Jackie Purcell
John “Red” Purcell
Dorothy A. Radford
Kay Schafer
Mary Sears
George Selep
Mary Selep
Ed Shea
Elieen Shea
Joan Skrypek
Jack Stapleton
Jane Stapleton
Tim Touchett
Phyllis Tvorak
Len Tyrrell
Dorothy Watts
Eileen Watts
James Watts
Bill Winters
Marg Winters
Bill Wohlberg
Joe Zagone
Julie Zagone
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Jerry Connolly

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May they never be forgotten.

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Beth Kurtz

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My Brother’s Place
a.k.a. The White Store

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Gail Reese

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The White Store - "My Brother's Place"?
• The great tasting widgets?
• pop rocks (candy) found at the "Red Store" (Gene & Wally's)
• The water old fountain across the street from "The White Store"?

"CHI...CAGO PAP...ERS!" the call of the paper boy?
• Papers being delivered in the park in the Mornings and afternoon?
• Papers being sold in the "Big Park" on Sundays?
• How many of the paper boys can you name?
Some memories of the late 1950's and 60's:
• The Saturday basketball "challenge" games?
• Jim "Squirrel" Murphy climbing a tree in left field to rob another player of a hit during softball games?
• Adventures at the Borg Farm day or night?
• Tuckwood's cottage rentals?
• Super tans of Pat and Danni C. or Bobby R. and their water skiing exploits?
• "Rabbi" O'Brien and his continuing flow of Chicago South Side athletes?
• The amazing number of people staying in the "Chatterbox"?

Beach Pier or swimming pier?
• The life guards chairs?
• Jumping off the Life guards chair at the end of the pier?
• Skinny dips at night?
• Officer Wendy?
Sledding down "the big hill", at the bottom entrance of the Park?
• getting enough speed to jump the curb into the street?

Gayle Reese
• patrolling The Park (what seemed like) all hours of the night and day.
• Gayle's flashlight?
• Gayle's car the AMC Pacer?
• picking up the garbage twice a week?

• Levi's cut off shorts - if caught without them you were very uncool.
• painter's pants - if caught without them you were very uncool as well.

• John O'Connor's blue pick up "The DeSota"
• John Chupka's green car - "The Booger"
• Tim O'Connors' car - "Woody"

Can your ear pick out the Assembly Park Voices in this Bud Light Commercial?
Click here to listen

The Park water was turned out in October and back on in April, a sure sign of spring!

The truck going through the park spraying for bugs?

When placing a phone call on a land line dialing 2 - and four digits, 2 would replace the 728

The two telephone booths near the Caretaker's house?

Various Store / Restaurants
• Mr Quick Hamburgers - at the corner in town where route 50 bends
• Sentry
• Wiz's Pizza
• Ralph's Steak House
• "The Warehouse" - the grocery store near KFC - Kentucky Fried Chicken
• Flemmings
• Harbor Inn
• Dog & Suds Drive-In
• McCulloghs
• Kmart
Arbor Day
• Pie eating contest?
• The greased flag pole with the prize at the top?
• The egg toss?

"The Big Park"?
• softball on Saturdays?
• the select few that could hit a softball, from home plate, to the leafs in the tree in center field?
• the big rock out in center field?
• playing Pom Pom?
• All day sports in the park interrupted only for a refreshing dip in the lake?
• Countless hours of shuffleboard in the park?
• the tree between the street and first base line, it seemed everyone would climb on?
• (the tree has been cut down)
• Nights in the gazebo looking to meet a new girl or boy friend?
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The fire station and fire truck stationed in the Park?
• the noon siren going off at noon?
• remember the different sirens for rescues and fires?
• the siren going off while in the phone booth adjacent to the firehouse?

The Delavan Drive in?
• Packing as many in the back of the van
• Cover those extra 4 bodies the back of the truck with blankets - just to save that additional $1.50.
• What was your record of sneaking people into the driving in?

Lakeland Parties?
• Hidden parties
• Watermelon cocktail that went bad.  Those that were there, will to this day, never, ever touch vodka to this day. There should be a name for this - vodka-melon-foblia.

Lake Lawn Lodge
• The last resort to end up at when nothing else was happening in the park.
• A great way to end the night by being chased out by security.
• How many chiggers did you get in your skin when cutting through the swamps just to make it safe back to the park?

• Just all around good food
• On Route 50 near the TrueValue
• drive-in

Campbell's - Delavan's version of a 7-11 store
• just before town
• sold cold 5 day old sandwiches in the middle of the night.
• Doh!!! ...the donuts!

St Andrews' Church
• Mass in the basement, of the school, on Saturday evenings.
• St. Andrew's summer festival

Mass at St. O'Brien's (O'Brien's house)
• Never was so convenient and well missed.

Go Karting track off of North Shore Drive
• Nasty little go carting place by Gene & Wally's Red Store.
• It was cheap and fun.
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Here's a great list of historical names and places in Delavan, how many can you remember?
Ma's palace
Dew Drop In
The hotel fire downtown
Draw down of Delavan Lake & fish harvesting
Van Vleets
Don's Pizza
Go-Kart Track
The Outdoor Theater
Lakeland Restaurant Syke's
Little Italy
Palma's Pub

Wayne's TV
Delavan Warehouse Foods
Sewer going in around the lake
Triangle Inn/ Shutter's/Michaels/Scotty's
Sportsman's Park
Red Devils
Lake Comus
Mr. G's
Side Show Band
Bait Store (on 3rd St.)
Original Elks Lodge Building
Old Clubhouse at Delbrook
Crest Chevrolet
Jack Fagan Ford
Asparagus Farm
Poor Mike's
Glady's Chicken Shack
Club Charming
Moy's (when it was in the hotel) Interiors of the old hotel
Fenzel Farm
Peek Inn
Del Aqua
Benson's Cottages
The Firehouse (Bar)
See Level Landon's
Barker Lumber
Jim Aubry shares this memory…My family, along with three other families, spent a week every summer at Assembly Park in the late 40s and throughout the 50s. That was a long time ago, but the fond memories remain. Among these memories: the Store, run by Carl and John and their wives, who lived in the back of the store and drove to Delavan each summer from CA; the cottages all had names--Summer Rest, Noreen, Tic Toc, Blue Shutters, Parkview, Willows--we stayed in all of them until we found the Hilltops, which we rented from Mr. Chupka. We went back to the Hilltops for several years, and the families who were in the fourth cottage became lifelong friends of our parents. The streets in the park were not named, other than "swamp road" which ran behind the store. In addition to Mr. Chupka, there was a fellow named Mr. Davis who we also rented from. Yes, we also remember the Chicago paper call each day. There was also Johnny Eagle, and his Eagle tour boat that cruised the lake-stops included, but not limed to, Assembly Park, Lake Lawn, and Hugo's. Horseback riding at the Lake Lawn stables was also an annual event. Other memories include fried chicken at Delaneys; Bill Barner entertaining at the tavern/night club at the east end of the lake; the penny arcade and miniature golf on the south side, and our parents went dancing at Delavan Gardens. It truly was a magical time…
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